Salu was first created by two medical students in Canada, who wanted to improve the medical technology available to everyone. Inspired in part by the idea of pursuing the Tricorder X-prize, the team founders grew to include 3 others who shared this vision and brought additional expertise in healthtech, industrial design & manufacturing, and software development. Our team has grown substantially since the early days, but our core values remain. We love medical science, and the Salu Pulse+ solution utilizes cutting edge medical ideology.

Our flagship feature is measuring estimated Blood Pressure, without a blood pressure cuff! We are very proud of this revolutionary technology, and are excited to see how people will benefit. We passionately believe that the current gold standard for blood pressure measurement is abysmal, because using a blood pressure cuff (or sphygmomanometer) is not an enjoyable or convenient experience. Cuffs squeeze your arm, take extended periods of time to accurately measure, are not consistently accurate, and most importantly are not convenient or wearable.

We know that our eBP algorithm is accurate, but this still needs to be validated by national and international regulatory bodies, thus we were legally advised to place the small 'e' behind our blood pressure metric. With your help, we will be able to validate our algorithm, and lose the 'e'.

Blood Pressure is important. High Blood Pressure is very common, yet many people (even young people), don't know they have high blood pressure (hypertension). Uncontrolled Blood Pressure can lead to, and are associated with, numerous health problems. These include:

  • Stroke

  • Heart attack

  • Heart failure

  • Dementia

  • Kidney (renal) disease

  • Eye problems (retinopathy)

  • Erectile dysfunction

Controlling your blood pressure will help to decrease your chance of health problems. Salu can't promise that our device will lower your blood pressure, but we know that assisting you in better understanding your blood pressure is the first step. Our App also provides daily insights and feedback to help with improving your health and measurements.

This information on hypertension was taken directly from the Hypertension Canada website.

Heart Rate is a critical part of our blood pressure algorithm, along with being a great way to monitor your fitness intensity. It is a measure of the speed to which your heart contracts per minute, and tracking your heart rate within certain ranges (depending on the activity), is a good indicator to your fitness health.

Oxygen Saturation is another important metric; that identifies the fraction of blood that is oxygenated relative to the total amount of blood in your body. Oxygen is critical to your body's daily function and health, thus monitoring your oxygen saturation is useful to ensuring your body is functioning at its best.

Activity is likely the metric most commonly understood, due to its prevalence in other activity monitors available on the market. By using a special sensor that identifies motion, Salu Pulse+ can identify the number of steps you take, as well as how many calories you are burning. By tracking these numbers and better understanding your daily activity, you will be empowered to move more and get fit!