Designed to ensure the highest levels of ergonomic comfort, convenience, and performance, Salu has worked tirelessly over the last 18 months creating literally hundreds of concepts, until we were happy with the family of Pulse+ devices.

Salu Pulse+ was designed to work by itself, and to work with other devices such as Apple Watch.

Used, worn or carried by different people that have different needs and preferences, one of our greatest goals was to make the Pulse+ devices just as beautiful to look at as they are significant in how they give people more important, meaningful and engaging health and fitness data.



Kate doesn't run the distances she used to. Aiming to get back to where she was in college, Kate wants to improve her endurance, cardiovascular health and to learn more details about her daily health metrics.

Salu LifePulse helps Kate to quickly and efficiently quantify her cardiovascular health through seeing how her weekly, monthly and yearly fitness goals compare to her estimated blood pressure, heart rate, 02 saturation, dietary and activity readings. Feeling more fit and educated than ever, Kate is also earning Salu Pulse Points and redeeming them for valuable rewards at local merchandise partners.


Kim is a career woman, a wife and mother that feels exhausted all the time. Always on, Kim rarely has time to think about how she could better manage her daily health.

Last year she started using the Salu Lifepulse because it gave her something that her sports and fitness bands could not – Personalized and meaningful bio-metric feedback. Today Kim actively tags and tracks her daily activities so she can see and appropriately react to the relationships between her fluctuating sleeping and eating habits and how they affect her energy levels.


Although few people would believe it, Brian is stressed. His blood pressure is rising and he doesn’t feel motivated or healthy enough to do the things that he used to love doing.

Brian started using the LifePulse because it is the smallest, easiest to use and least obtrusive way for him to measure his own vital health statistics. For the first time in decades Brian feels confident and engaged in his physical and mental well-being because he can track his estimated blood pressure and pulse score … whenever and where ever he wants.