The Salu App


The Salu App was built from the ground up to help users get healthier. We designed the app to be functional, and used as a check-in system on a daily basis. We hope that users will glance at the app once per day, and more if necessary, to check their Pulse+ Score. On the main page, users will see their current Pulse+ Score, and also see a graph of their Pulse+ Score against time. By scrolling left, previous days will be shown, and by scrolling right, a trajectory of their Pulse+ Score trend is displayed.

Below the daily Pulse+ Score value is one line of text that provides feedback to the user. Based on the baseline demographic data entered such as weight, height, sex, and ethnicity, as well as your Pulse+ Score trend, Salu App will provide insight. To the right of the feedback line is a small 'i' that will lead to more information about the insight provided.


Feedback Examples

  • "Great work, you deserve a rest day today!"

  • "You're trending down, take a 15 minute walk today."

  • "It has been 3 days since you exercised."

  • "Your metrics say stress, fix that with yoga."

  • "You sit a lot, standing can help your Pulse+ Score"

Pulse+ Score

The Salu Pulse+ App is driven by an advanced algorithm that calculates something that we call a Pulse+ Score. This score is a daily assessment of the decisions relating to your health. Out of 100, increasing your Pulse+ Score means you are improving your health.

Pulse+ Score is calculated by the Pulse+ devices. It uses eBP, HR, O2 Sats, and your activity, creating a score that reflects the accumulation of these metrics, based on your age, sex, height, weight, and ethnicity.

Your Score will change on a daily basis, because some days are naturally better days on your body, than others. This is OK, and expected. Salu is about better understanding your body, and Pulse+ Score will help you do that.

By using the timeline function in the app home screen, you can identify how your score is doing, and where your Pulse+ score trajectory is going.

If Pulse+ Score isn't enough for the data junky in you, tapping the Details tab on the bottom of the screen will allow you to dive deeper. All of the data that Salu Pulse+ devices collect are stored here, to be analyzed and graphed.

The details section is also where your Salu Points are stored.


Salu Points


Leveraging this generation of more personal, powerful, and meaningful data, we have introduced Salu Points. By completing daily Pulse Band measurements, reaching Pulse Score goals, and improving measured values, such as dropping your blood pressure levels back to where they should be; not only will you have the means to improving your health, you will also earn valuable Salu Points. A discount and rewards program coming soon.

The data is stored, tracked, and analyzed for trends and patterns. Use the timeline by scrolling left to see your historical data, and scrolling right to see your predicted health & wellness trajectory into the future.

Notifications remind and engage users to get involved and become aware of when to take a measure. It learns from your data, and provides suggestions on how to improve your health. If you accomplish these suggestions, the advice will change so you will always be learning new ways to achieve healthy lifestyle goals.

By taking measurements everyday, and by acheiving your goals, you can collect Salu Points™, which can be redeemed for rewards and benefits.